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Rosary Apostolate

What is the Rosary Apostolate ?

Volunteers visit our parish elementary schools one morning each month. While in the classroom, each volunteer prays the Rosary with the children and to encourage them to pray the Rosary daily.

How did it Start?

It was in 1997 that Pope John Paul II launched a three year preparation program for the Jubilee Year 2000. The Volunteers went into the classrooms, beginning with a five minutes presentation followed by praying the Rosary.  It was a huge success.

Who can Participate?

If you have time one morning each month and are interested in praying with children, then you too can participate. Training is provided and you will be required to undergo screening measures because of the risk level in dealing with children.

If you are interested,leave your name and phone number at the Parish Office.

This could be the calling you’ve been waiting for.