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Parish BBQ 2021
Parish Barbecue organized by the Knights of Columbus on October 3, 2021 in the St. Martin of Tours...
Parish BBQ 2021
Announcements Labour Day Weekend
Just a reminder that the Parish Office and Church will be closed on Monday, September 6th, 2021 for...
Subscription to FORMED.ORG
Our Parish has obtained a subscription to FORMED.ORG for all our parishioners free of charge. This resource... Catholic Faith on demand
St. Vincent de Paul Bundle up Sep 4, 5, 2021
Bundle up Sunday-September 4th & 5th
Bring your gently used clothing, shoes and linens to share with others on Saturday, September 4th and Sunday...

Spirituality & Stewardship - Cardinal Thomas Collins
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Rev. Gijo Muthanattu O.Carm.

Rev. Jose Joseph O.Carm.
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St. Martin Of Tours Parish Mississauga is a ‘Catholic online resource house’ which offers thousands of materials including: Books, Talks, Movies, Documentaries, Bible Studies, Sacramental Preparation Tools, Faith Formation Materials and much more.
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The First Lady and Her Successors Film
“The First Lady and Her Successors” is a documentary film written, produced and directed by Dr. Josephine Lombardi, faculty member at St. Augustine’s Seminary. Dr. Lombardi interviews nine amazing women, connecting their stories to the life of Our Lady, Mary the mother of Jesus. The film follows biblical accounts associated with Mary, showing how all women are all called to relate to Mary's experiences.
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First Lady of Creation

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