Advent through Christmas - 2nd Sunday Advent

The Nativity of the Lord

Posted : Dec-22-2022

Recently I read a brief description of some of the favourite symbols of Christmas. The crib was described as an image of heaven. It radiates peace, love, fulfillment, the lack of tears. The baby is always “sleeping in heavenly peace” in its crib. The manger, a trough where cattle and sheep come to eat; now holding Jesus who comes as food for the life of the world. The tree is seen as with its angel and guiding star on top, joining heaven and earth, a ladder for the incarnation, a way God climbed down to earth. The Christmas lights? These represent the light and warmth of God. These lights, in our northern part of the world, symbolize God bringing heart and light during the darkest and coldest time of the year.

Isn’t Christmas wonderful!

That innocent Child, with outstretched arms, is God who loves us so deeply that He becomes one of us!  Christmas is God making us holy as He becomes one of us and dwells within and among us.

And He reminds us to love each other in the same warm, wonderful and reassuring way.

At this time of remembering and celebrating we wish each and every one of you the peace and joy of Christmas.