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A Note from the Parish Office...

Posted : Jan-12-2023

2023 Offertory Envelopes have been available for some time now. Please do not use any previous year’s envelopes.

There are still envelopes boxes which have not been picked up yet. Please pick them up as soon as possible. Any envelopes that are not picked up by February 28th will be re-instated in the computer and assigned to new parishioners.

Thank you to everyone who continues to help us keep our parish database up to date.  Please inform us of any corrections to be made and any changes to your address, unit number or telephone numbers. This will be an ongoing project and calls will be made to everyone in our database for verification.

 As usual practice we recommend the recording of your name, address and phone number on the first three-four envelopes of your new box to make certain we have the correct information in our database.